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How to maintain the shrinkable sleeves FEP/PFA?

In case of dirt, a humid rag is enough to clean the sleeve. No further maintenance is needed. 


What’s the lifetime of a sleeve?


Depending on the abrasion of the product with the sleeve, the diameter, the temperature and the speed of your machine, the lifetime of a sleeve ranges from 3 months to 8 years.



Is the sleeve resistant to solvents?


Yes, the FEP and PFA are resistant to the most biting solvents. 

See list of chemical resistance.



Is the placing complicated?


Most of the sleeves can be placed in a couple of hours up to half a day.

Once the technique is mastered, the placing can be done, with no further assistance. 



Why gluing the sleeves on the rolls?


If the operating temperature exceeds 60°C and/if the pressure exceeds 1,5Kg/cml. it’s recommended to glue the sleeve on the roll to prevent that the sleeve retracts in length or twist because of the pressure. Artilabo International delivers appropriate glues, the effectiveness of which has been proven over many years.



An FEP or PFA sleeve?


Depending on your application we will be able to recommend you the most appropriate material.



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