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Why use an Artiflon covering on your drying cylinders?

It is among the best anti-stick resources available on the market


Prevents picking, build-up, pitting and corrosion


Resists to most chemical solvents


Reduces maintenance


Allows to be placed on-site


Does not require the cylinders to be removed or equipment to be dismantled


Is placed within a few hours, for example during a maintenance break, holidays or week-ends


Custom-made to ensure a perfect fit



The Artiflon heat-shrinkable sleeve


The Artiflon FEP shrinkable sleeve is 0.5 mm thick, is custom-made to fit perfectly,


and is placed on the roll without removing the cylinder from the machine.


The shrinkable sleeve is placed on the roll and is welded “side to side”.


Afterwards the sleeve is shrunk and stuck on the roll.



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