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Artilabo International’s heat-shrinkable FEP and PFA sleeves are applied to a variety of rolls and tubes

guaranteeing the unique properties provided by Artiflon. 


The application of the sleeves is a simple process: the sleeve is slipped over the roller and heated with a hot air gun,

which allows the sleeve to shrink to a tight fit on the roller. 



The Artiflon cover’s unique benefits are:


The rolls remain clean as it is non-sticking


Cost savings


Reduced maintenance


Protects delicate materials


Helps reduce sheet breaks


Avoid corrosion on your rolls


Flexible: also usable on bowed spreader rolls


Higher machine speeds and product quality  


Chemical resistance


Resistant to UV (Ultra-Violet) rays


Resists temperatures over 200°C



Artilabo International has a range of shrinkable sleeves ranging between Ø 0,38 mm and 2.000 mm. 


Larger diameters are available on request.


Seamless FEP shrinkable sleeves are extruded up to 550 mm.


For larger diameters, the sleeves are sealed.

The company has a workplace where sleeves are expanded at the requested diameter of the customer.

Artiflon shrinkable sleeves are used in paper, textile, graphic, chemical, electronic, 

aviation, space and food industries.

Similar teflon sleeves, teflon roll cover as: Zeus, Holscot, Fluoron, Saint-Gobain


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